Our Story


Our Mission

Our mission is to make you feel nostalgic and inspired as you search for an experience connected to cultural history – we aim to bring together vintage enthusiasts that are looking for inspiration to create.

We know you appreciate the rich history of 50s America, and are reminiscent of more traditional craft and creativity. We offer a nostalgic experience that shows how these times are being brought into the modern world. You are discerning about style, and so are we, because Vagabond is founded by creatives, for creatives.

Our Team

Sarah Coleman


Sarah, who you may know better by the name of her blog 'Spirit Bird in Flight', has been writing creatively her whole life, but really found success when she decided to pack up her life, and buy a camper van to travel the world.

David Faust


Author of 'The Desert Moon' and many other short stories inspired by his travels in North America, it was David's dream to bring people together to celebrate the bohemian artists of San Fran and beyond.

Jennifer Simons


From rock climbing and hiking, to skiing and camping, Jennifer is our superstar adventurer with a deep knowledge and passion for the country's national parks.

Our Values

Do something you’ve never done before

We're big believers of pushing your boundaries to uncover your true self.

Inspiration can be found anywhere

We challenge ourselves to search far and wide for the next best adventure.